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IEDC 2014 Annual Conference | Fort Worth, TX | October 19-22, 2014  |  Steering Toward the Future: Convergence, Connectivity, and Creativity


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Wednesday, October 15

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Professional Development Course: Economic Development Credit Analysis $

Thursday, October 16

8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Professional Development Course: Economic Development Credit Analysis $

Friday, October 17

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Professional Development Course: Economic Development Credit Analysis $

Saturday, October 18

7:00 am - 9:30 pm

Certified Economic Developers (CEcD) Exam $

2:00 pm

Golf Tournament at Mira Vista Country Club $

Price: $130

2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

More Than Just a Football Stadium: AT&T Stadium Tour $

One of the most expansive stadiums ever to be built, AT&T Stadium is a modern marvel located in the City of Arlington. It also happens to be the largest domed structure in the world. This 1.2 billion dollar football stadium spared no expense to create a luxurious, state of the art, multi-purpose facility. With more than 300 suites, numerous entertainment clubs, a retractable roof that can open and close in 12 minutes, the tallest movable glass in the world, and the world's largest scoreboard, this facility is unrivaled by any current stadium. More than just a football stadium, AT&T Stadium can change surfaces to host a variety of events on many different surfaces like natural grass or hardwood. With 22 flexible vent locations, the stadium is also an ideal place for meetings.

AT&T Stadium Guided Tour includes:

• AT&T Stadium luxury suites
• Radio and media press box
• Party plazas
• Cotton Bowl offices
• Dallas Cowboys locker room
• Cowboys Cheerleader locker room
• Post-game interview room
• Field access
• Commemorative photo

Price: $65

Sunday, October 19

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Ethics Workshop

Are you faced with ethical dilemmas in your professional life? Do you have the tools to deal with ethical issues? Economic developers regularly encounter situations that require sound judgment and strength of character. This session will provide essential instruction on ethics in economic development and provide you with the tools to foster an environment of high standards in your organization. No theoretical lecture, this workshop will focus on real life ethical decision-making situations faced by economic developers.

Note: Due to the large number of attendees at these workshops, we are unable to accommodate requests to transfer registration between the Sunday and Monday ethics sessions. Ethics Workshops will also be held at the 2015 Leadership Summit and 2015 Annual Conference.

Ethics training is a requirement for the Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) recertification processes. CEcDs who seek recertification after January 1, 2013, are required to have two hours of ethics training each time they recertify.

Price: Free, but registration is required

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Economic Development Seminar:

Master Class: LinkedIn for Economic Developers

As the most popular professional networking tool worldwide, LinkedIn is an obvious place for economic development agencies to focus their social media strategies. However, most users take advantage of only a small fraction of its business development potential. This hands-on, interactive, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) session in the Exhibit Hall will walk you through the practical ways you can put this online tool to use for networking, lead generation and business intelligence.

What you will learn:

• How to implement strategic improvements to your personal and organizational LinkedIn profiles
• Ways to employ an organizational profile for business retention and local community engagement
• Proven strategies for introductions, referrals, recommendations, and prospecting


Alissa Sklar, PhD, Director of Marketing, GIS Planning, Inc., Montreal, QC, Canada
Guillermo Mazier, MBA, Director of Strategic Accounts, Atlas Advertising, Denver, CO

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Opening Plenary Session

IEDC's Annual Conference kicks off with welcoming remarks from Host Committee Chair David Berzina, and presentations from Texas business and economic development leaders.

Master of Ceremonies: David Berzina, CEcD, FM, Executive Vice President of Economic Development, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Fort Worth, TX


The Honorable Kay Granger, United States Representative, State of Texas

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Tour: Bus Tour of AllianceTexas $

Centrally located in the United States, the 17,000-acre AllianceTexas development is anchored by the Alliance Global Logistics Hub, one of the world's premier inland ports. The Alliance Global Logistics Hub is the model for logistics development around an intermodal rail hub. Started in 1989, AllianceTexas now houses more than 350 companies, including 65+ from the Fortune 500, Global 500 and Forbes List of Top Private Companies. These firms have invested more than $7.35 billion to build 32 million square feet of distribution / manufacturing space and create 35,000 fulltime jobs. Over the past 25 years, AllianceTexas has generated a $40.65 billion economic impact to the North Texas region.

Participants will see the final product of a successful Public Private Partnership anchored by this multi-modal transportation hub. This bus tour will cover the diverse industries which engage in manufacturing and distribution in AllianceTexas.

Price: $45

IEDC members: Learn more about the AllianceTexas partnership in the latest edition of The Economic Development Journal.

3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

Panel Discussions:

NAFTA at 20: Capturing Increased Near Shoring Opportunities

Twenty years have passed since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, and continued changes in the trade and investment landscape are driving a confluence of new production trends throughout the continent. Most notably, recently expanded "near shoring" of manufacturing operations and significant shifts in border logistics are driving a range of opportunities for North American communities. In this session, panelists experienced in business investment and trade related to Canada, Mexico, and South America will discuss promising sectors, while sharing proven approaches to capturing business investment and trade opportunities.

What you will learn:

• The basics of near shoring, including which specific supply chain functions are locating in which places
• How economic development organizations are collaborating with domestic and international partners on near shoring strategies
• Information to help you identify your community's near shoring potential

Moderator: Steve Vierck, CEcD, President and CEO, New Mexico Partnership, Albuquerque, NM


Julie Engel, CEcD, President and CEO, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation, Yuma, AZ
Deane C. Foote, CEcD, President,Foote Consulting Group, LLC, Glendale, AZ

Driving Value through the New Economics of Place

Before the mid-20th century in the United States and abroad, housing combined with street-level retail and other walkable neighborhood patterns were commonplace. This development pattern did not just achieve a neighborhood aesthetic; it also off-set real estate risk during economic cycles by diversifying and synergizing markets in terms of uses, ages, incomes, and generational cohesion. As communities seek to reclaim the benefits of walkability in today's economy, many places are no longer effectively structured – as they once were – to engage developers who would like to design, finance and construct complex, enduring neighborhoods. This panel will discuss the elements of building a more holistic approach to once again using great neighborhood development as a pillar for sustainable economic development.

What you will learn:

• How walkability and placemaking are making communities more competitive
• Concrete steps for making your community more friendly to mixed-use development strategies
• Examples from communities that are systematically and successfully investing in mixed-use areas to support local businesses and improve quality-of-life

Moderator: Marty Wieder, AICP, Director of Economic Development, City of Colleyville, Colleyville, TX


Nadia Osman, Director of Revitalization & Business Initiatives, College Hill Alliance, Macon, GA
Scott Polikov, AICP, CNU, President, Vialta Group, Dallas, TX
Kevin Schmotzer, Executive, Small Business Development, City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development, Cleveland, OH
Madison Silvert, JD, AICP, President and CEO, Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation, Owensboro, KY
David Wallace, Chief Executive Officer, Wallace Bajjali Development Partners, Sugarland, TX

The Energy Play: Fracking and Natural Gas from A-Z

The past year has seen continued investment in shale gas resources in the United States and around the world. This session will highlight a range of practical considerations related to natural gas development, from site selection and permitting approval for extraction and refining facilities to downstream opportunities in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other potential export products. Featuring speakers representing different regions with large natural gas reserves, this panel explores the essentials behind developing natural gas in a manner that protects public resources and maximizes the economic benefits to the host community.

What you will learn:

• How to promote responsible shale extraction while maximizing benefits to your community over the long term
• Opportunities throughout the supply chain for business recruitment and development related to shale
• Advice for adding value in supporting shale gas development in your region

Moderator: David Robinson, Principal, The Montrose Group, LLC, Columbus, OH


Harry A. Eadon Jr., President and Executive Director, The Economic Development & Finance Alliance of Tuscarawas County, Dover, OH
Ed Ireland, PhD, Executive Director, Barnett Shale Energy Education Council, Fort Worth, TX
Tommy Kurtz, CEcD, MPA, Principal, Economic Consulting Services, LEO, LLC, Baton Rouge, LA

Town Hall:

Equity as an Economic Growth Strategy

An increasing number of economic developers are discovering that promoting equity and valuing diversity in business means a stronger economy for the entire community. Featuring economic developers from urban and rural communities around the world, this discussion will offer compelling examples and insights into the most effective strategies for increasing economic equity that can be applied and implemented everywhere. Strategies discussed will include: targeted workforce programs for women and minority businesses, entrepreneurship and small business development programs, anchor institution strategies, and building consensus through effective community partnerships.

What you will learn:

• The importance of economic equity in economic development
• How individuals and organizations are creating economic opportunities in underserved communities, and how these efforts can be replicated in your community
• Specific equity strategies that are driving results in urban, suburban, and rural economies

Moderator: Connie Evans, Principal & CEO, Association for Enterprise Opportunity, Washington, DC


Sara Hudson, Community Development Project Manager, Big Sky Economic Development, Billings, MT
Rodrick T. Miller, President & CEO, New Orleans Business Alliance, New Orleans, LA
Jacqueline Davis-Wellington, Executive Vice President, St. Louis County Economic Council, St. Louis, MO

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

New Member Reception

Join us and connect with your fellow new members, IEDC Board of Directors and Membership Advisory Committee members. Learn more about IEDC's resources, benefits and ways to become engaged with the organization.

Price: Free, but registration is required

Non-Member Reception

Come and meet IEDC leadership, Board and Membership Advisory Committee members. They will share with you the benefits of being a member of IEDC.

Price: Free, but registration is required

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Chairman's Reception

Don't miss the opportunity to see old friends and make new acquaintances. Join IEDC Chair William C. Sproull, FM and your colleagues for an evening of networking and fun in the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Price: Free, but registration is required

9:00 pm

Young Professional and Student Networking Event

Are you a young economic development professional? Come get involved with your fellow professionals, have a good time, and take this opportunity to expand your networking field.

Please note: Attendees for this event should be under 40 or have no more than ten years in the economic development field (whichever is later).

Price: Free, but registration is required

Monday, October 20

7:00 am - 8:00 am

Economic Development Seminar:

Transforming Your EDO: Lessons in Organizational Development

Many EDO leaders know how to accomplish fundamental tasks like responding to a proposal, making retention calls and setting up a website. Yet the thorny details of how to build your organization's profile and grow your budget can often present another set of critical challenges. Speakers in this hourlong seminar will share tips for developing your organization's various capacities, from financial resources to human capital and community support. Attend this morning session in the Exhibit Hall for lessons on bringing your organization up to its full potential.

What you will learn:

• Tactics to build support and generate resources for your organization
• Ideas for making your organization more relevant in the community
• Effective management strategies to ensure that your organization holds itself to a high standard and continues to fulfill its mission

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Explore Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision on Horseback $

Looking to get out and tour Fort Worth the "Cowtown" way? Join us for a tour on horseback along the Trinity River between the Historic Stockyards and downtown. Along the way, learn from JD Granger, Executive Director of the Trinity River Vision Authority about an aggressive economic development initiative that will transform a once neglected section of the river into a vibrant waterfront neighborhood. Look at "Panther Island" where innovative flood control will eliminate levees and create opportunity for over 10,000 households, 3 million square feet of commercial, retail, and educational space and 16,000 permanent jobs in the central city. Hear how the TRVA uses programming to generate interest in the river and create branding. Learn all of this while soaking in great views of the river and skyline from the back of a horse. Brady Wood, owner of the Coyote Drive-In will join the tour and discuss its role in spurring development with temporary uses.

Price: $65

IEDC members: Learn more about Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision in the latest edition of The Economic Development Journal.

8:15 am - 10:15 am

Chairman's Welcome and Monday Morning Plenary Session

Join IEDC Chairman Bill Sproull, along with keynote panelists from the public and private sectors for a discussion on workforce competitiveness in the 21st century.

Master of Ceremonies: William C. Sproull, FM, President & CEO, Richardson Economic Development Partnership, Richardson, TX


Aaron S. Demerson, Director – Office of Employer Initiatives, Texas Workforce Commission, Austin, TX
Jean Wallace, Vice President, Human Resources, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Panel Discussions:

Building a Better Workforce: Transforming the Public School System through Business Engagement

Is your community challenged by workforce shortages in key industry sectors? Are the businesses in your community – and the ones considering it as a future location – concerned that it lacks a critical mass of skilled talent? This session will provide a roadmap to successfully collaborating with important educational stakeholders in a "win – win" relationship. Educators need the relevance employers can provide to excite kids about academics and future careers. Employers need employees with strong skills who can master new workplace challenges. This session will demonstrate how communities of all sizes can work with educators and employers to transform the high school experience and become more competitive for the future.

What you will learn:

• How to work with local employers to ensure a steady supply of skilled workers in critical industries
• Steps for identifying the fastest growing job categories in your community and aligning educational efforts to meet employer demand
• Effective approaches for building strategic alliances with educational stakeholders in your community

Moderator: Chris Engle, Vice President & Chief Analyst, Avalanche Consulting, Austin, TX


Cheryl Carrier, Program Director, Ford Next Generation Learning, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, Dearborn, MI
Mary Graham, CCR, IOM, CCE, Senior Vice President, Metro Charleston Chamber of Commerce, North Charleston, SC
Sarah Miller, Associate Director, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, Chicago, IL
James Reddish, Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development, Greater Louisville, Inc., Louisville, KY

Not Silicon Valley: Entrepreneurship, Everywhere

Can a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem exist outside the core hotbeds of venture activity, such as San Francisco, New York City or Boston? As more cities and regions attempt to understand the key ingredients to generating new high-growth jobs and venture activity, the most successful entrepreneur-focused strategies remind us that entrepreneurship comes in many shapes and sizes. This panel session will feature economic developers and thought leaders with experience in supporting every kind of aspiring business – from the second-stage company to the Main Street storefront to the home-based microenterprise. Attendees will walk away with new ideas on how to provide the right combination of assets and services to build an entrepreneurial environment with a universal focus and comprehensive results.

What you will learn:

• How to support multiple types of entrepreneurs and identify the value that each brings to your community
• Ideas for building an entrepreneurship strategy based on your community's unique characteristics
• Proven techniques for addressing the most important needs of small businesses at different stages in their development

Moderator: Maria Meyers, Director, University of Missouri-Kansas City Innovation Center, Network Builder, US SourceLink, Kansas City, MO


Charlie Brock, President and CEO, Launch Tennessee, Nashville, TN
Mark Hays, Market Intelligence Expert, SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence (LBI), San Francisco, CA
Nathan Kurtz, Manager in Entrepreneurship, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, MO
Christian Saublens, Director, European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA), Brussels, Belgium

It's Not Just About Shipping: Exports in the Service-Based Economy

The word "exports" tends to bring to mind images of ports and container ships rather than emails and client reports. It may come as a surprise, then, that the vast majority of worldwide exports actually come from the expansive global services sector. From consulting, global financial services, and other forms of e-business to tourism, remote telecommunications, and additional offshore operations, exports encompass everything that is produced in one location and sold somewhere else. This panel will explore why it's time for our communities to think more broadly about their export potential, and how you as an economic developer can help a wider range of businesses in your region to realize the benefits of exporting.

What you will learn:

• Strategies for helping service-based companies in your community to do business overseas
• Which markets offer the most promising destinations for service exports
• How to capitalize on your community's intangible economic assets

Moderator: Patrick Dine, CEO, PSD Global Inc., Fairfax, VA


Tony Aggarwal, Founder, Kinetic Cubed Ltd, Spinningfields, Manchester, UK
Fred Morley, Executive Vice President & Chief Economist, Greater Halifax Partnership, Halifax, NS, Canada

Interactive Workshop:

Ask the CRE Directors

Hear insights from corporate real estate directors of Fortune 500 companies on the processes and strategies they employ in making location decisions. Arranged in small group conversations with experts, this session offers the opportunity to interact on a more intimate setting with these prominent decision-makers. Blending information from the corporate real estate process with the opportunity to discuss current challenges and trends in a close-knit format, this new look for the IEDC's annual Corporate Real Estate Directors Session is one you won't want to miss.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of this session, attendees are recommended to stay for the entire 90 minutes.

What you will learn:

• What corporate real estate professionals look for when evaluating a location
• How to make your community more appealing for potential expansion and relocation activity
• The top trends in corporate real estate and how they impact your community

Moderator: Ron Starner, General Manager, Conway Data Inc., Norcross, GA

11:40 am - 1:40 pm

Ethics Workshop

Are you faced with ethical dilemmas in your professional life? Do you have the tools to deal with ethical issues? Economic developers regularly encounter situations that require sound judgment and strength of character. This session will provide essential instruction on ethics in economic development and provide you with the tools to foster an environment of high standards in your organization. No theoretical lecture, this workshop will focus on real life ethical decision-making situations faced by economic developers.

Note: Due to the large number of attendees at these workshops, we are unable to accommodate requests to transfer registration between the Sunday and Monday ethics sessions. Ethics Workshops will also be held at the 2015 Leadership Summit and 2015 Annual Conference.

Ethics training is a requirement for the Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) recertification processes. CEcDs who seek recertification after January 1, 2013, are required to have two hours of ethics training each time they recertify.

Price: Free, but registration is required

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Special Networking Luncheon: Elected Officials and Board of Directors of EDOs $

At this exclusive networking luncheon, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with fellow elected officials and economic development board members attending this year's conference.

Price: $25


Michel Merleau, Elected Reeve, Gatineau Valley Regional Municipal Council, Gracefield, QC, Canada

Defining Issues Luncheon $

This fully catered, full course luncheon gives you a chance to renew old connections and make new ones, before hearing a keynote presentation on a trending topic in economic development.

Price: $45

Young Professional and Student Roundtable Lunch

Want to meet other professionals in the early stages of their economic development careers? Are you an aspiring economic developer yourself? Attend this networking luncheon for an opportunity to build new connections with peers and fellow colleagues.

Price: Free, but registration is required

Networking Lunch in Economic Development Marketplace

Connect with old friends, meet new colleagues, and check out the exhibit booths in this year's Economic Development Marketplace. Boxed lunches will be provided.

Price: Free, but registration is required

Awards Showcase

In a new session format for the Annual Conference, this lunchtime panel highlights winners of IEDC's Excellence in Economic Development Awards. With a talk-show style flourish, speakers will discuss what made their award-winning projects possible, and how these efforts fit within their community's broader economic development strategy. Don't miss this engaging session at the Exhibit Hall stage, where you'll have the opportunity to learn more about the most innovative and effective initiatives in economic development, and gain new ideas for how they might be replicated in your community.

What you will learn:

• How award-winning economic development initiatives are being implemented in diverse communities around the world
• Steps for replicating these successful economic development strategies in your community or region
• Advice on collaborating with essential stakeholders in order to ensure the success of a new project or idea

1:45 pm - 3:15 pm

Panel Discussions:

Talent Matters: Recruiting Young People to the Economic Development Profession

Where will the next generation of economic developers come from? With talent attraction and brain drain now an increasing focus for economic development organizations, it's time to talk about how the profession itself can become an appealing destination for young people. How can more recent college graduates and talented young professionals find out about career opportunities in economic development? How can the economic development profession match its ability to create jobs and improve lives on the local level with millenials' well-known desire to do work that makes a difference? This session will address the future of economic development with a focus on finding the people who will contribute to it.

What you will learn:

• Strategies for collaborating with external partners to generate interest in your organization amongst young professionals
• What potential early career employees are looking for in an economic development job
• How to align the mission of your organization with the career goals of young professionals

Moderator: Ioanna T. Morfessis, PhD, HLM, President & Chief Strategist, IO.INC, Phoenix, AZ


Cecilia Harry, Executive Director, Greater Fremont Development Council, Fremont, NE
Peter Tokar, lll, MBA, Economic Development Director, City of Alpharetta, Alpharetta, GA

Strategic Alliances for Manufacturing Growth

Around the world, communities are seeking out new strategic alliances and creative partnerships to strengthen the competitiveness of existing manufacturers, initiate new ventures, and boost local and state economies. These partnerships involve unprecedented collaboration among regional universities, community colleges, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, capital sources, and other stakeholders. Featuring economic development leaders from multiple countries who are working on breakthrough strategies to support manufacturing, this panel will share lessons on how to create new jobs and economic activity by accelerating the pace of innovation in your community.

What you will learn:

• How to collaborate with stakeholders from the public and private sectors in order to spur innovation and job creation within your local manufacturing sector
• Proven steps for working with strategic partners on technology transfer, workforce issues, and supply chain development in manufacturing
• Ideas for leveraging your region's existing competencies to capitalize on the future of manufacturing

Moderator: Diane Palmintera, President, Innovation Associates, Reston, VA

Rehabbing Vacant Properties with Creative Marketing and Real Estate Strategies

With one-third of shopping malls classified as dead or dying and over 300 million vacant square feet in big box stores in the United States alone, vacant properties are an issue in nearly every city and town. These buildings are blight on your community, but how do you go from identifying the problem to attracting potential landlords and tenants? This session will help you envision new strategies for turning "problem areas" into productive space, while also exploring ideas for marketing unoccupied industrial real estate to new and expanding businesses.

What you will learn:

• How to entice entrepreneurs looking for abandoned commercial and industrial properties to launch their business
• Strategies for attracting developers interested in investing in vacant real estate
• Marketing ideas for turning empty or underutilized industrial space into an asset for your community


Michael J. Berne, President, MJB Consulting, New York, NY
Amy Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Columbus Downtown Development Corporation and Capitol South, Columbus, OH

Town Hall:

"Lean In" Economic Development Style: A Candid Conversation with Four Female Leaders

Taking a page from the New York Times best-selling book "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead," this session will take a close look at women in economic development. While women hold less than 5% of the Fortune 500 most senior leadership positions, female economic developers are emerging as some of the most innovative and forward-thinking leaders among our organizations and boards. This talk show-style session with four female leaders from across our industry will examine both the challenges and the successes women ED leaders have faced, and the lessons they have learned.

What you will learn:

• How women at different stages in their careers are succeeding and driving change within the economic development profession
• Ideas for navigating common challenges and potential barriers to increasing the representation of women in leading economic development roles
• Ways to build an effective talent pipeline of women in economic development

Moderator: Julie Curtin, Executive Vice President & Partner, Development Counsellors International (DCI), Denver, CO


Tracye McDaniel, President & CEO, Choose New Jersey, Inc., Princeton, NJ
Janet M. Miller, CEcD, FM, Chief Economic Development & Marketing Officer, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Nashville, TN
Jennifer Owens, President, Lakeshore Advantage, Zeeland, MI

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Presentation of the 2014 Excellence in Economic Development Awards

IEDC is excited to introduce the Best in Show Award this year! New in 2014, this award recognizes the best entry out of all 24 categories of promotional, program, and partnership awards. Attend the award ceremony to find out who received the Excellence in Economic Development Awards’ highest honor.

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

GE Transportation Tour $

GE Transportation builds equipment that moves the rail, mining and marine industries. GE Manufacturing Solutions in Ft. Worth, Texas, comprises two newly constructed and significant manufacturing facilities within GE Transportation’s global supply chain. Our locomotive operations are the second largest manufacturing site under one rooftop across the General Electric Company. A staff of over 400 highly-skilled assemblers, welders, maintenance technicians, and support staff manufacture the Evolution Series locomotive. The most technologically advanced, diesel-electric, heavy-haul locomotive in the world, it represents an eight-year, $400-million investment.

Price: $45

3:15 pm - 3:50 pm

Silent Auction and Ice Cream Social

Bid on an extraordinary and unique range of items that the communities donate to express their individual pride of place. Silent auction items may be previewed and bid on in the Exhibit Hall beginning Sunday and concluding Monday during the ice cream social. Get the scoop from exhibitors while enjoying your favorite flavors. Proceeds from the auction benefit the Diane Lupke Scholarship Fund, helping train economic developers in distressed areas.

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Panel Discussions:

How-To: Creating a Seed Stage Investment Fund in Your Community

Combining private sector discipline with a community-based focus, a regional investment fund focused on growth-oriented small businesses can be a valuable tool to add to your economic development arsenal. By helping to fill critical financing gaps for promising businesses and providing intensive mentoring and technical assistance to entrepreneurs, a regional fund is a key cog in any "grow your own" economic development strategy. With more states, regions, and localities considering this approach, this panel will explain how a regional investment fund can help energize your community's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What you will learn:

• The practical considerations behind starting a successful community investment fund, from speakers who have done it
• How to maximize impact by building a robust technical assistance program into a community fund
• Strategies for ensuring a community fund's long-term sustainability by minimizing risk and investing in the right businesses

Maximizing the Economic Impact of Airports in Your Region

When it comes to economic development, the airport provides a unique canvas. As accessibility and connectivity continue to erode established site selection paradigms, land on airports or adjacent to runways is becoming increasingly valuable. From shipping and logistics facilities to value-added manufacturing, airports from the municipal scale to the busiest international destinations offer prime economic development opportunities. This session will provide examples of successful airport-related development, along with a chance to hear from private sector developers who have "real world" experience completing projects near airports.

What you will learn:

• How to market land surrounding airports to potential businesses and external stakeholders
• Steps for working with developers from the private sector to maximize the economic development potential of airport real estate
• Ways to identify potential uses for land in the vicinity of both smaller and larger airports

Moderator: John C. Terrell, Vice President for Commercial Development, DFW International Airport, Commercial Development, DFW Airport, TX


Steven Bradford, Partner, Bandera Ventures, Ltd., Dallas, TX
Lynn-Ann Gries, Chief Investment Officer, JumpStart Inc., Cleveland, OH
Stephen Hourigan, Chief Executive Officer, Elevate Ventures, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Aleem Kanji, Manager of Government Affairs and Stakeholder Relations, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Toronto, ON, Canada

Town Hall:

RED (Retired Economic Developer) Talks

What lessons would you share from a lifetime of experience in economic development? What lessons can you learn from listening to our profession's longest practicing and most distinguished sages? In IEDC's adaptation of the popular TED and TEDx format, this session celebrates four longtime economic development practitioners who will combine reflections on their past work with thoughts on an evolving future.

What you will learn:

• Lessons from the careers of the economic development profession's retired visionaries
• Tips and advice to accelerate your career in the economic development field
• Stories from multiple decades spent on the front lines of creating jobs, building wealth, and improving the quality-of-life in a wide range of communities


Bill Shelton, CEcD, Partner, CommunityID® Division, Fort Worth, TX
Wayne Sterling, CEcD, FM, HLM, Sterling Economic Development Consultants, Paducah, KY

Author's Panel:

Four Perspectives on the Present and Future of Economic Development

Join a conversation with four leading business writers, who will share perspectives on their work and what it means for economic development professionals around the world. This panel will feature thought leaders from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, each sharing a wide range of wisdom that will help you envision your role in a new light. Attend this session for an opportunity to learn more about the trends that are changing the way we think about economic development, and a chance to engage in a robust Q/A with the authors themselves.

What you will learn:

• Insights from leading authors on economic development trends impacting communities and their leaders
• How emerging economic development trends might impact the work you do in your community
• Ways to leverage established strategies and new ideas into results for your organization

Moderator:Jim Damicis, Senior Vice President, Camoin Associates, Scarborough, ME


Kendall Almerico, Chief Executive Officer, Funding LLC, Tampa, FL
Craig Settles, President, Gigabit Nation, Oakland, CA

Special Session:

An Inside Look at IEDC's Metrics Research

Earlier this year, IEDC's Economic Development Research Partners released Making it Count: Metrics for High-Performing EDOs, a report aimed at helping economic development organizations to develop more effective ways to measure their impact. Offering a comprehensive, easy-to-use "menu" of economic development metrics that EDOs can choose from based on their mission, functions and resources, the report also features a guidebook on EDO performance measurement, plus metrics case studies from successful organizations around the world.

This session will highlight examples from communities with robust and effective systems in place for performance measurement. Join speakers from across the economic development spectrum for an in-depth conversation on how EDOs can adopt new metrics that are better aligned with their current work.

What you will learn:

• Lessons from IEDC's groundbreaking report on new metrics for economic development
• Ideas for improving performance measurement in your community, and communicating results to important local stakeholders
• Examples from communities that have implemented successful new metrics strategies

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Networking Reception

Price: Free, but registration is required

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Avalanche After Party

Unwind with Avalanche at an authentic Texas after party with homegrown music, cocktails and carbs. #AvalancheAfterParty

Tuesday, October 21

6:30 am - 7:30 am

DCI Fun Run/Walk

All IEDC attendees are invited to join their economic development peers for an early morning group run/walk starting in the lobby of the Omni Fort Worth. There will be options for a 6-mile or a 3-mile route. The first 50 participants receive a limited edition t-shirt!

7:00 am - 8:30 am

Preparing for the CEcD Exam Workshop

If you are planning to sit for the Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) exam, it's never too early to start planning and learning more about the process. All participants and attendees at this workshop will be provided with a complete overview of the Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) exam process, from application to the oral examination. Attendees will learn tools and techniques for preparing for the exam and witness a mock oral interview.

Beginning on January 1, 2015, first-time candidates sitting for the certification exam are required to participate in the "Preparing for the CEcD Exam Workshop," either in-person or via webinar format. Questions regarding this requirement can be sent to Rebecca Thomas at rthomas@iedconline.org.

Price: Free, but registration is required

8:00 am - 11:00 am

Tour: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport $

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has been described as an "aerotropolis" and as one of the largest North Texas economic engines with an innovative approach to commercial development driven by global connectivity.

Visitors on this tour will hear from experts who have played key roles throughout the development process, see DFW's development districts, and gain a deeper understanding of these developments.

Visitors will experience the uniquely diverse combination of companies and industries found nowhere else in the world, along with the over 100 natural gas wells. DFW's approach from master planning, to delivering extraordinary levels of customer service to their tenants, will provide an example of connectivity-based development.

Highlights of the tour include:

• Founders Plaza, the park like setting provides significant public space, and acts as a cornerstone for mixed used development including a future car dealership.
• The northwest cargo district currently serves as an essential cargo hub with nearly 98% of the region's international trade moving through DFW.
• Southgate Plaza is currently under construction and will house a 150 thousand sq. ft. office building, the airport's third hotel, a U.S. Postal Center, and five retail pad sites.
• The tour will conclude at International Commerce Park (ICP) with a tour of Dallas Cowboys Merchandising's state of the art 500 thousand sq. ft. facility. The 364 acre park employs over 4,000 people in a wide range of industries.

Price: $45

IEDC members: Learn more about the economic impact of DFW in the latest edition of The Economic Development Journal.

7:30 am - 8:30 am

Economic Development Seminar:

Eyes on the Horizon: Capturing the Economic Impacts of Distributed Solar

With worldwide capacity set to double again by 2015, falling prices and new financing options continue to drive double digit growth in global solar installations. But while utility-scale projects may also be on the rise, distributed generation is where the magic is really happening. As decreasing consumer costs combined with zero-down financing and improved battery storage make on-site renewable energy generation and micro-grid distribution an attainable reality, these emerging trends promise to have far-reaching impacts from the utility sector to the changing nature of manufacturing and the value chains of the future. This morning Exhibit Hall session will analyze the current and future implications of the growth in distributed solar, and share ideas and strategies for how your community can capitalize.

What you will learn:

• How net-metering and distributed generation are changing the face of the solar industry
• Emerging economic opportunities in response to rising demand and falling prices in the solar sector
• How the ability to generate electricity at a smaller scale will impact industries with significant energy usage


Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, CEcD, Assistant Professor and Field Specialist, Community Economics, Ohio State University Extension, Lima, OH
Eric Romich,Assistant Professor & Extension Field Specialist, Energy Development, Ohio State University Extension, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, Department of Extension, Marion, OH

8:45 am - 10:15 am

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session

IEDC Vice Chair JoAnn Crary welcomes attendees and serves as MC for this morning's session featuring more high-level speakers from the world of business and economic development.

Master of Ceremonies: JoAnn Crary, CEcD, President, Saginaw Future, Inc., Saginaw, MI

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Panel Discussions:

International Consultants Roundtable

FDI and exports are a largely untapped source of potential economic development activity for your community. At the same time, formulating an effective international strategy requires knowledge and connections within key target sectors and foreign markets. This interactive panel will feature international consultants with expertise in Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Join this group of global experts for a practical look at how you can facilitate inward investment from different regions while also helping businesses in your community to sell their products overseas.

What you will learn:

• The primary industries investing internationally in each target region
• Strategies to identify businesses in your community for potential export opportunities
• How to navigate the international trade and investment landscape on behalf of your community


Dennis Meseroll, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Tractus Asia Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Mark O'Connell, CEO, OCO Global, Belfast, N. Ireland
Nitin Pangam, Managing Director, Maeflower Consulting, Pune, Maharashtra, India

The Truth about "Job Fairies": Changing the Debate about Whether Economic Development Makes a Difference

In a landscape of limited resources and heightened accountability, economic development organizations must know how to measure and communicate the value of their efforts. Based on feedback provided by participating IEDC respondents, attendees in this session will have an opportunity to benchmark the economic impact of their organizations versus those in over hundreds of other communities. Featuring case studies and illustrations of successful local and regional efforts, this panel will demonstrate how your community can compete in today's crowded economic development marketplace and add value for its citizens, businesses, and local stakeholders.

What you will learn:

• How to manage the conversation regarding the effectiveness of your community's economic development efforts
• Strategies for measuring success and communicating results to important stakeholders
• How economic development organizations of varying size and scope are adding value to their communities, and how their success can be replicated

Moderator: Ben Wright, Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Advertising, Denver, CO

Interactive Workshop:

Best Practices in Talent Attraction Marketing

Attracting talent has become a-chicken-or-an-egg problem in economic development. Companies won't come to a region without the right talent, and skilled professionals won't come to an area without the right companies. But more and more, the pendulum is swinging toward communities' ability to attract talent as the key factor in determining their success in both attracting established businesses and supporting new ones.

This session will reveal some of the top trends in talent attraction by showcasing three campaigns currently underway across the country. What marketing strategies are they using? How are they measuring success? How are they combining traditional networking with new technology to connect companies in their region to skilled professionals? Following a brief moderated panel, this interactive workshop will give attendees the opportunity to work in small groups to explore new strategies for marketing their region as a top talent destination.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of this session, attendees are recommended to stay for the entire 90 minutes.

What you will learn:

• Strategies for marketing your community to early and mid-career professionals
• Why talent is becoming a critical factor in recruitment, retention, expansion, and new business promotion
• Ways to connect young professionals in your region with existing job opportunities

Moderator: Erin Bodine, Account Director, Talent Attraction, Development Counsellors International, New York, NY

Town Hall:

Sustainability at Work in Economic Development: More Observations from the Front Lines

Economic developers are hearing more and more about sustainability, but what does it really mean and how can our profession prioritize its efforts? More importantly, how can we realistically do sustainable economic development in our busy organizations and communities? This session builds on the popular early-morning panel discussion from last year's Annual Conference with a new cast of economic developers who are dealing with sustainability issues on a daily basis. This engaging discussion will explore a whole new range of sustainability issues -- including the ones you want to talk about most.

What you will learn:

• Methods for incorporating economically and culturally disadvantaged populations into sustainable economic development initiatives
• Tactics for developing awareness of your community's sustainability priorities
• How sustainability principles can drive new business creation while making existing companies more profitable and productive

Moderator: Della G. Rucker, CEcD, AICP, Principal, Wise Economy Workshop, Cincinnati, OH

12:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Keynote Luncheon

The biggest plenary session of the conference features a full course meal, presentations from leading speakers, and an exciting look into what to expect at the 2015 IEDC Annual Conference in Anchorage, AK. Hosted by IEDC Secretary/Treasurer Barry Matherly.

Master of Ceremonies: Barry I. Matherly, CEcD, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Greater Richmond Partnership, Richmond, VA

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm

Panel Discussions:

Best Practices in Incentive Due Diligence

The decision to grant local economic development incentives must be made with a careful consideration of risk, return-on-investment, and accountability for the company receiving the incentive. What combination of expert knowledge and EDO case studies can help you improve incentive practices in your community? This panel will address the prerequisites to incentive negotiation and how an economic and fiscal impact analysis can be used to defend incentive decisions and protect your community's limited economic development funds. In addition to incentive experts, attendees will hear from economic developer practitioners who will share their experience applying these best practices.

What you will learn:

• The basic steps to performing due diligence on prospective companies and determining if an incentive package should be offered
• The key elements of drafting and enforcing performance agreements
• How to use economic and fiscal impact analyses to deploy incentives in accordance with local needs and strategic community goals

Moderator: John B. Sternlicht, Esq., CEcD, Economic Development Policy Advisor, Office of King County Executive Dow Constantine, Seattle, WA


James L. Gandy, CEcD, CCIM, President, Frisco Economic Development Corporation, Frisco, TX
Ellen D. Harpel, PhD, President, Business Development Advisors, Arlington, VA
Jerry G. Walker, Principal and Economist, Impact DataSource, Austin, TX

Using Business Retention to Prepare for and Mitigate Disasters

An expert panel of industry leaders will discuss the application of business retention and expansion (BRE) strategies as the underpinning for preparedness and response to natural and made man disasters. Case studies and actual field experience will be used to provide attendees with real world tools to anticipate and, if necessary, mitigate these occurrences. These tools will expand upon traditional business retention and expansion concepts to provide a clear roadmap for economic developers in communities seeking to improve their disaster planning and mitigation capacities.

What you will learn:

• How to upgrade your BRE program to help your community become more resilient against potential economic disruptions
• Strategies for planning and responding to natural and man-made events through the application of effective BRE methods
• Specific tips for developing a consistent and ongoing line of communication with local business owners

Moderator: Laith A.Wardi, CEcD, President, ExecutivePulse, Inc., Erie, PA


Leann Hackman-Carty, CEO, Economic Developers Alberta
Mary Scott Nabers, President & CEO, Strategic Partnerships, Inc., Austin, TX
Mickie Valente, President, Valente Strategic Advisers LLC

Your Public Private Partnership Dollars at Work: The New Trend in Infrastructure Investment

Bridges, airports, rail, mass transit: it's a well-worn theme that infrastructure investment in many advanced economies is lacking. With public sector budgets still stretched to the limit and uncertain prospects at best for public investment in the near future, many states and localities are beginning to get creative when it comes to upgrading their infrastructure. The proliferation of public-private partnerships is one commonly discussed solution. Less frequently approached is the topic of how this critical mechanism is increasingly being supported by foreign direct investment dollars from overseas. You know that PPPs and FDI are important, but in which sectors can these alliances provide the most lasting benefits for your community? This session will show you how to align private investment with the public projects that need it most.

What you will learn:

• Which infrastructure projects may be the most conducive to the formation of a public-private partnership
• Various PPP models and sources of funding for infrastructure projects
• How to structure formal PPPs so that they meet the needs of each stakeholder

Moderator: Robert Farley, Principal, Greyhill Advisors, Austin, TX

Interactive Workshop:

Economic Transformation: Creating Jobs outside the Big Cities

You're working in a small city or rural community. The region's economy has long been dependent on one dominant industry, and while many people recognize the need to diversify, changing course is sometimes easier said than done. What will your community do to transform itself? Which new sources of economic activity will you target? How will you get backing from business leaders, residents, and elected officials? Where will you get the resources needed?

This workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities that go along with economic diversification, through a series of small group exercises designed to help attendees in small areas network, collaborate, and discuss commonly shared challenges and opportunities. Attend this session to hone your skills and gain new ideas to bring back to your own real-life community.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of this session, attendees are recommended to stay for the entire 90 minutes.

What you will learn:

• The importance of strategic visioning in identifying key community priorities and target areas for economic diversification
• How to engage local stakeholders in the process of building new sources of wealth
• Strategies embraced by peers in rural areas and small cities who are focused on similar challenges

Moderator: Mignonne Hollis, Executive Director, Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation, Sierra Vista AZ


Erik Lee, Executive Director, North American Research Partnership, San Diego, CA
Keith Watkins, Senior Vice President, Arizona Commerce Authority, Phoenix, AZ

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Tour: Downtown Fort Worth Walking $

Downtown Fort Worth has emerged as a model of center city renewal, thanks to thoughtful planning coupled with significant public and private investment. This walking tour will start with a "before" look at the Lancaster Corridor, downtown's next ambitious undertaking, which includes the relocation of an interstate highway. It will end with a walk through Sundance Square, one of the most unique and dynamic private downtown redevelopment efforts in the nation.

Along the way, tour attendees will see and hear about successful (and not so successful) efforts to blend old and new buildings into a dynamic, 24 hour city. From privatized public space management efforts to public-private redevelopment partnerships and the thoughtful application of incentives, you will learn how downtown Fort Worth has turned itself around and what the future holds.

Price: $45

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Panel Discussions:

Growing Local: How "Locally Owned" Drives Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and New Investment

Studies from over six US states and Canadian provinces show that locally-owned businesses return as much as two to three times more wealth per dollar spent to their communities than their non-local counterparts. Attempting to capitalize on this trend, an emerging breed of economic developers are increasingly focused not just on entrepreneurship but on taking a "local first" approach in all aspects of the job. By reconnecting farms with restaurant tables, investors with entrepreneurs, and business owners with the communities that surround them, localist leaders are helping to build more resilient local economies and drive new sources of growth. This session will feature three short, interactive case studies from places that are catalyzing the power of local business to revitalize urban and rural communities.

What you will learn:

• The impact of local ownership in creating additional jobs and wealth within your community
• How to communicate the importance of local ownership and economic multipliers to the media, elected officials, and people in your community
• Tips for assisting local businesses across different industry sectors

Moderator: Ellen Shepard, Executive Director, Andersonville Chamber of Commerce and Andersonville Development Corporation, Chicago, Illinois


Kimber Lanning, Executive Director, Local First Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
James Johnson-Piett, Principal and CEO, Urbane Development, LLC, New York, NY
Matthew Raker, Vice President, Entrepreneurship & AdvantageGreen, AdvantageWest Economic Development Group, Fletcher, NC

Asia's Economic Expansion: Opportunities for Your Community

How will the continued economic rise of China and its regional counterparts affect communities on different sides of the globe? What opportunities exist for economic developers in the United States and other parts of the developed world to generate new sources of inward investment from Asian markets? Last year Chinese companies alone invested over $12 billion in the US, and the Chinese government has recently identified seven priority sectors that will stimulate additional opportunities for trade and investment going forward. Thailand, Japan, and Korea also play an important role as key partners for North America and Europe in sectors ranging from agricultural products to electrical machinery. In this session, learn about what's going on in the most important Asian economies, and what it might mean for you.

What you will learn:

• The primary industries for inbound foreign direct investment from Asia's leading economies
• Strategies for attracting Asian investment to your community
• Which products and services are currently in the highest demand for imports in Asian markets

Moderator: Christopher Knight, International Sales Manager, FDI Intelligence, London, UK


Henry Loewendahl, PhD, Founder & CEO, WAVTEQ Ltd, Toronto, ON Canada
Ajarin Pattanapanchai, Deputy Secretary General, and Senior Executive Investment Advisor, Thailand Board of Investment, New York, NY
Karen Winton, Chief Marketing Officer, Invest Hong Kong, Hong Kong
D. Paul Zito, Vice President of International Development, Regional Growth Partnership, Toledo, OH

Interactive Workshop:

Forming Effective Partnerships Before and After a Crisis

A natural disaster. A major business closure. Negative publicity stemming from a damaging story in the press. No matter what kind of crisis your community may be facing now or in the future, effective partnerships are an indispensable part of ensuring that your community remains competitive over the long term. For communities already dealing with the aftermath of a major event, building collaborative alliances can help to spur the recovery process among business and industry, as well as the whole community.

This workshop-style session combines small group discussion and partnership-building exercises with best practices from communities that have successfully used this approach to rebound from a crisis. Attend this session for an opportunity to gain new information and then practice it using real-world scenarios.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of this session, attendees are recommended to stay for the entire 90 minutes.

What you will learn:

• How to identify potential partners in resilience planning and mitigation
• Tips for constructing mutually beneficial relationships with strategic partners in your community
• Ways to improve your community's economic resiliency before it has been hit with a disaster

Town Hall:

Economic Development in 2024: Predictions of Future Best Practices

Where will the economic development profession be in ten years? What skills will economic developers need? What tools will be the most critical for success in an ever-evolving international landscape? Globalization, new technologies, big data, and rapidly changing and emerging industries have forced economic developers to adapt or fail to produce results for their communities. How do economic developers stay ahead of the curve? This thought provoking session will feature three future-focused practitioners discussing where they think our profession is headed and what the changing role of economic development will be.

What you will learn:

• Which trends fellow economic development professionals see coming in the future of the profession
• How your community might position itself to capitalize on long-term trends within the global economy
• Ideas for expanding your organization's flexibility and capacity for responding to unanticipated events

Moderator: Brett Doney, CEcD, President & CEO, Great Falls Development Authority, Inc., Great Falls, MT

Special Session:

Becoming an AEDO

IEDC's Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO) program is a means of recognizing the professional excellence of economic development entities. The AEDO program provides economic development organizations with independent feedback on their operations, structure and procedures, and recognizes excellence in local economic development efforts. To date, more than forty organizations are accredited. Come to the exhibit hall to learn how to take your organization to the next level through the AEDO program.

What you will learn:

• Specific steps to becoming an Accredited Economic Development Organization
• Details regarding the accreditation process, including tips for both the documentation review and site visit
• How the AEDO designation will benefit you, your organization, and your community

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Recognition Dinner $

Held at the historic Fort Worth Club and honoring those who have contributed to making the profession what it is today. Honors to be conferred include:

• Fellow Members (FM) and Honorary Lifetime Members (HLM)
• Leadership Award for Public Service
• New Economic Developer of the Year Award
• Citizen Leadership Award
• Institutional Leadership Award
• Jeffrey A. Finkle Organizational Leadership Award and
• Chairman's Award for Excellence in Economic Development

Price: $100

Wednesday, October 22

7:30 am - 9:00 am

Panel Discussions:

Creating Jobs and Saving Farms with Ag-Tech

It's a familiar story: fast-growing community seeks jobs and tax base, builds residential and commercial infrastructure over formerly active, prime farmland. Becomes suburbanized in the short term but loses potential economic asset in the long run. In areas caught between an agricultural past and a suburban present, formulating a coherent development strategy amidst the frenzied pace of economic growth can be a challenge. This session will demonstrate how communities with an agricultural heritage can redefine their role in a regional economy and transform themselves from an aspirational "bedroom community" to a vibrant, diverse economic hub by stimulating the growth of agriculture and technology-based industries.

What you will learn:

• How to capitalize on regional and state assets across existing agriculture and technology clusters
• Strategies for integrating active farmland with mixed-use development within a traditional suburban community
• Tips for using ag-tech to support new workforce development, entrepreneurship, and agri-tourism initiatives that yield additional benefits for your community


Sean Garretson, AICP, President, Pegasus Planning and Development
Brenda Sherwood, Economic Development, City of Meridian, ID

Big Data: Raising the Bar in Site Selection

Since the recession there has been an unprecedented convergence of inter-disciplinary research experts such as economists, geo-spatial experts, data scientists and sociologists who are coming together to understand shifting labor supply and demand and how labor trends impact communities. As a result, site selectors, economic developers and prospecting companies are designing innovative approaches that uncover hidden geographies of opportunity at the hyper-local level, from sub markets within urban areas to rural gems. In this session, industry experts and economic developers will dive into real-world examples and share how they are helping companies from multiple sectors identify the right community for their organization based on labor cost, availability and sustainability.

What you will learn:

• How companies are using new and expanded data sources to influence site selection decisions
• Tips for improving the positioning of your community within the new site selection landscape
• Strategies for working with local partners to access important data requested in the site selection process

Moderator: Amy Fobes, Principal and Founder, geoCommunica, Dallas, TX


Josh Bays, Principal, Site Selection Group, LLC, Dallas, TX
Christine Chmura, PhD, President & Chief Economist, Chmura Economics & Analytics, Richmond, VA
Wayne Gearey, PhD, Global Chief GIS Officer, Jones Lang LaSalle, Dallas, TX

9:15 am - 10:45 am

Ignite IEDC: The Next Episode

Enlighten us, but do it quickly. That's what the creators of Ignite have to say about this fast-paced presentation format, which has now been used in 50 cities throughout the world, covering a range of topics and content. In another installment of the popular Ignite IEDC format, speakers will share the best of what they're currently working on in economic development, all in the span of five minutes and 20 PowerPoint slides. Allowing attendees to quickly gain new information on a wide variety of topics in a short time frame, Ignite IEDC may be the most educational 90 minutes around.

What you will learn:

• Information on the most exciting ideas and case studies in economic development
• Tips on how to put information from Ignite presentations to use in your community
• A look into of what fellow economic development practitioners are working on at the local and regional level

To apply to be featured during Ignite IEDC, please send a 250 word proposal and bio to proposals@iedconline.org by Friday, July 25, 2014. Speakers will be announced at the end of August.

Economic Development Seminar:

Reel Talk: How the Film Industry is an Economic Driver

Hollywood may have the Walk of Fame, but an increasing amount of communities around the country are reaping the benefits of the additional jobs, wages, investment, and notoriety that come with the production of a major film or TV show. Film production doesn't just employ people – it also leads to additional spending with local small businesses, along with the potential for future "film tourism" if a show or movie becomes a hit. With the benefits of landing a big film project becoming increasingly clear, more and more states are looking toward tax credits and incentives as a way to put themselves on the map. Learn what your community needs to do in order to compete, while also gaining practical advice on how to deploy film incentives responsibly.

What you will learn:

• Tips for leveraging local assets to make your community an enticing location for film
• What film companies look for at different stages in the production process
• How to make effective use of film incentives


Jim Butler, Creative Industries Manager, City of Austin, Austin, TX
Robert Fine, Executive Director, Economic Development Commission for the Central Okanagan, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Chris Stelly, Executive Director, Louisiana Entertainment, Baton Rouge, LA

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Site Consultants Forum

IEDC's popular Site Consultants Forum returns again in another opportunity for economic development leaders to engage with the country's premier site selection professionals. Stick around for the conference's final day and make sure to attend this premier event, where you'll learn about the hottest industry trends, leading business location indicators, and what local communities must do to stay in the game.

What you will learn:

• Insight from site selection consultants on the current state of the global economy and what it means for project activity across different industries
• How your community can get noticed by site consultants representing major global businesses
• What site consultants think about key trends and their impact on local economic development organizations

Note: If you are a Site Consultant and have not participated in the Site Consultants Forum in the past, please contact Marie Plishka at mplishka@iedconline.org for details on how to be a part of this year's session.

Moderator: Gene DePrez, Founder & Partner, Global Innovation Partners, Sparta, NJ


Josh Bays, Principal, Site Selection Group, LLC, Dallas, TX
Susan Liberty, Vice President, Infrastructure & Economic Development, McGuire Woods Consulting, McLean, VA
Dennis Meseroll, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Tractus Asia Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Mark O'Connell, CEO, OCO Global, Belfast, N.Ireland
C. Paige Webster, Owner/Site Selection Consultant, Webster Global Site Selectors, Phoenix,AZ

Economic Development Seminar:

If You Build It, Will They Come?

With the calendar now marking almost five years since the worst of the Great Recession, what is the current outlook for new sports stadiums, convention centers, performing arts venues, and other major public projects? After a lull in these large projects during the economic downturn and with public budgets still in a state of flux, are communities ready to invest again in big-time entertainment venues? How has the public financing landscape changed, and how will the results of major projects be judged differently going forward? This panel will focus on the future investment prospects for stadiums and other large venues, with a focus on what it means for economic developers in communities where these projects may still be on the agenda.

What you will learn:

• Insight into the current landscape for major public venues such as stadiums, convention centers, and more
• The different ways in which communities are seeking to finance such projects going forward
• How to make sure that the construction of a new event venue results creates real economic benefits for citizens across the economic spectrum