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IEDC 2014 Annual Conference | Fort Worth, TX | October 19-22, 2014  |  Steering Toward the Future: Convergence, Connectivity, and Creativity

The story of Fort Worth is the classic story of the pioneer. From building its first railroad in 1876, to becoming an aerospace powerhouse in the 1950s, to building the world's first industrial airport in 1989 and capitalizing on its recent population boom in the 2000s, the city has never backed down from a challenge.

Representing the spirit of the modern-day pioneer, the 2014 IEDC Annual Conference will explore how communities around the world are meeting fresh challenges and transforming their economies for the future.

Through a program of invigorating speakers, topics, and educational tours, this year's conference will seek to ask and answer the following:

• How can economic development organizations bring new partners together to drive sustainable economic growth in their cities, towns, and regions?
• Which converging markets will lead to new opportunities for local communities? How can economic developers help their local businesses to succeed in an economy where these businesses are responsible for an increasing share of new employment and wealth?
• What new connections must be made and nurtured on a large and small scale in order to rebuild and sustain a robust middle class? How can communities reach beyond their borders to remain competitive in a globally connected age?
• How can economic developers think creatively about the natural assets in their communities, and how can this creative thinking be translated into a strategy that works?

With over 1,400 projected attendees, this event is essential for economic developers at all stages in their careers and at all levels within the profession. Expected attendees include leaders from regional, state, county, and city economic development organizations; chambers of commerce and other business support organizations; community and neighborhood development organizations; technology development agencies; utility companies; educational institutions; consulting practices; redevelopment authorities; and state, local, and federal government offices.

Don't miss out on the largest international gathering of economic development professionals in the world. Learn more about this year's conference program.


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