Alison Johnson

Housing Justice League
Atlanta, GA

Alison Johnson is a resident of Peoplestown, an Atlanta neighborhood, and a community activist working with the Housing Justice League and property manager for the Peoplestown Revitalization Corporation in Atlanta. Alison is a community leader in the efforts to ensure that the Atlanta Beltline Greenway Project recognizes the historic nature of the neighborhoods it will run through. She is an author of a 2017 report “Beltlining: Gentrification, Broken Promises, and Hope on Atlanta’s Southside” which tracks the hopes of the residents for the BeltLine, how they are actually affected by it, and the forces of gentrification that, if left unimpeded, will damage the economic and racial diversity that long-term residents and newcomers alike say is a strength of the area. Issued by the Housing Justice League and Research | Action Cooperative, the report’s major recommendation is for Atlanta BeltLine Inc., the public-private partnership leading the development, and the City as a whole, to embrace more democratic planning processes so that the interests of current residents are incorporated into development, and the supportive networks among neighbors are protected and appreciated. The Housing Justice League is a grassroots, member-led organization that builds power in low- to moderate-income, metro-Atlanta neighborhoods highly affected by the housing crisis. Its organizing focuses on strengthening tenant associations at low-income complexes and building the broader housing justice movement. The Research |Action Cooperative is a worker-owned firm of seasoned professionals who champion research and popular communication as vital and necessary to the project of social change.