Paul Adler

Paul Adler LLC
Chevy Chase, MD

Paul Adler is a global business development expert with a background that includes working for a Fortune 500 company outside the U.S. and a foreign government in Economic Development. Most recently, Adler worked for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission and had a successful track record in both Trade and FDI. This includes lessons learned about how to gain the interest of non-U.S. companies in a U.S. jurisdiction. Previously, Adler had a 25 year Business Development career with IBM during which 20 years was winning large complex deals with the U.S. Government and 5 years in Tokyo winning similar deals with Governments around the Pacific Rim.

His insight about the nuances of FDI decisions beyond traditional business criteria is enhanced by his having lived in multiple countries while an Army Brat and moving with his family to Tokyo when his son was 3 months old.

Adler earned his BA in International Relations and Economics from Duke University and an MBS in International Business from the University of Maryland. His interests include cross-cultural business coaching and advising about how to position companies for success in global markets.