Roberta Dall’Olio

Bolonga, Italy

Roberta Dall’Olio is head of ERVET EU Policies, International and Territorial Cooperation, Social Inclusion Unit and member of ERVET management working group. She oversees ERVET technical assistance for the Regional Government in International Cooperation and ETC programming, capitalization, and evaluation. She is member of the internal -General Directions working groups on international relations, cooperation for development and territorial cooperation. She coordinates the Technical Assistance to the Adrion Programme Joint Secretariat and of the MED National Contact Point. She coordinates the Creative Information Desk of Emilia-Romagna Region, she ‘s Director of Europafacile web site on EU policies and Programmes and Eurolettera newsletter on EU Policies.

She is trainer on EU and local development policies and has extensive work experience at international level (eg. Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil). She is journalist and director of ERVET on line newsletter on EU Policies.