Erik Dunnigan, MBA

Managing Director
Coastal Cloud
Louisville, KY

Erik Dunnigan is the Managing Director of Coastal Cloud’s Midwest Solution Center based in Louisville, Kentucky. Erik started his career in operations and management with Valvoline and went on to spend over 13 years in public sector leadership. Prior to joining Coastal Cloud, Erik was the Acting Secretary and Deputy Secretary for Economic Development for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In that role, Erik worked with major business leaders around the world to expand their footprint in North America. He is a recognized thought leader in economic and workforce development. Erik was exposed to Salesforce and Coastal Cloud when he himself encountered IT platform limitations as they worked to improve the economy of Kentucky. Once he saw the potential of the Salesforce platform and was offered the opportunity to help Coastal Cloud grow their Midwest practice, he quickly seized the opportunity. Erik holds dual roles with Coastal Cloud leading their Midwest operations center and their public sector practice seeking growth in state and local government. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with an emphasis in marketing and management. He went on to graduate with a Masters in Business Administration from Morehead State University.

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