Robert Van Geons, CEcD

President & CEO
Fayetteville Cumberland Economic Development Corporation

Robert has been President and CEO of FCEDC since January of 2017. His Board and team have focused heavily on improving internal and external communications, proactive site / product development, and data-driven marketing. With the support of local leaders, in 18 months, these efforts have announced more than 600 new jobs and $50 million in new investment. He is committed to assisting local industry, believing that successful communities prosper when the public and private sector work together. With 20 years of experience, Robert has assisted companies from a variety of industries, (including information technology, automotive, logistics, systems automation, specialty chemical, advanced composites, and energy production) successfully completing projects with businesses from across the US and more than a dozen countries, resulting in over $2 billion of announcements and more than 5,500 jobs.