Allison Larsen, CEcD

Buckeye, AZ

Allison Larsen, CEcD, is an unconventional engagement catalyst serving businesses, economic developers, non-profits and communities. She leads TadZo LLC with over 16 years of consulting experience, 20 years in economic development and 10+ years in international business management/sales. Allison’s core competencies include competitiveness assessments, site selection screening, action-oriented strategic planning, target industry analysis, workforce development, marketing, graphic facilitation; and effective group engagement. With innovative methods, Allison is shaking up strategic planning for communities and EDOs - yielding robust inclusion and ownership by stakeholders. Allison is keen that the client always sets the direction for their projects; her role is to ask insightful questions to explore what’s possible, what’s of greatest interest and importance to stakeholders for action. She employs well thought-out questions and astute listening to get to the core of issues and solutions. Her extensive experience with business leaders, community stakeholders and hard-working professionals contributes to her recognition of what is true excitement and commitment, enabling her to spur positive change. Allison is a graduate of University of California, Davis; OU EDI; CA Agricultural Leadership Program; and a Fellow of the California Agricultural Leadership Program. TadZo, founded in 2013, is named after her two dogs: Tadich and Enzo.

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