Lee Malleau, Ec.D.

EVP, International Investment and Trade
Edmonton Global
Edmonton, AB, Canada

For over 20 years Lee has helped catalyze economic development programs, practices and results across Canada with a principal focus on international investment and trade.

Career successes include working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, as well major investment projects like Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, the Oceanfront Development Project in Sea to Sky Corridor (Squamish – Whistler), Olympic Business Programs in Vancouver, the launch of Metro Edmonton’s global investment and trade programs, and the development of startup ecosystems across Western Canada.

A significant part of Lee’s career focus over the past decade and a half has been her involvement with the Olympic Games. A passionate sport advocate, Lee has led the development of global best practices in the delivery of international business programing through four Olympic Games including Torino 2006, Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012.

In Richmond, BC, she led the business development and sponsorship programs for the Olympic Long-track Speed Skating Oval that has since established a powerful legacy of local and global sport. In 2009, Lee joined the Vancouver Economic Commission to develop and deliver the 2010 Olympic Host City’s business and investment programs where hundreds of business leaders from around the world participated in a 21-day program that levered sport as an investment generator. The program delivered hundreds of millions of new investment for Vancouver and has become the world’s best practice in Olympic-business programing.

As CEO of Vancouver’s Economic Commission, Lee helped lead the city’s transformation into a Canadian technology hub with a focus on investment, business expansion and talent attraction.

She is a founding director of the Consider Canada Cities Alliance—made up of the nation’s largest cities, and a regular speaker on leadership in economic planning and development, investment attraction and trade, as well as community development.

After launching her own company in 2013, m+a globalnomics, Lee worked with clients across Canada focusing on community and economic development, economic opportunity analysis, marketing and communications, analytics and metrics, innovation and international investment.

She recently joined the team at the newly established Edmonton Global to help launch the regional economic development network and international investment and trade programs.

She is an active member of Alberta’s business community, and gives back through a variety of volunteer and philanthropic activities, has served on multiple boards including her current role as a director of Calgary’s cSPACE, is a Past-President of Rotary and of the Economic Development Association of British Columbia, and a former director at Economic Developers Association of Canada.