Sarah Miller

Associate Vice President
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Chicago, IL

Sarah Miller, Associate Vice President, Workforce and Economic Development CAEL Ms. Miller has over 15 years of experience working in with the public sector through the K-12 education system, post-secondary education stakeholders and regional, statewide and community initiatives. Joining CAEL in 2009, Sarah has worked with both the public and private sector to assist in workforce and economic strategy development, analysis and recommendations as well as program planning. She has led key initiatives with CAEL through regional education and workforce alignment strategies; employer, workforce organization and economic development engagement; development and delivery of training modules; and capacity building for various sector strategies, non-profit organizations and consortia of college partners. Prior to joining CAEL Sarah was a high school teacher of social studies in Toledo, Ohio and spent several years as a Business Consultant in the Private Sector where she worked directly with independent school districts, school district cooperatives and statewide initiatives to streamline special education planning and Medicaid programming per local and Federal guidelines. During this time Sarah worked with clients around the country to incorporate special education best practice models into administrative plans. Sarah earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Secondary Education from Bowling Green State University.

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