Dr. Fred Olayele, PhD, PMP

Global Economic Institute
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Dr. Fred Olayele is President of the Global Economic Institute, a non-profit research and development organization focused on internationalization and the triple helix of industry-academia-government interactions. The Institute’s work is organized around four thematic areas: Trade, FDI, Innovation and Development. Dr. Olayele works at the intersection of economics, strategy and public policy, with extensive experience facilitating applied research and public-private dialogue. He teaches strategy and international business in the MBA program at Carleton University. His research specialties cover trade policy, energy & climate policy, FDI, political economy of development, and strategic management.

A senior expert on a number of Canadian federal/provincial/territorial working groups, he has led various strategic policy initiatives for the Governments of British Columbia and Saskatchewan across the energy, climate, infrastructure and economic development areas. Prior to that, he was a professional banker with the Global Trade Division of Citibank. He has consulted widely and advised many public and private entities in Canada, United States and Africa, including a number of international development agencies. A Visiting Scholar at the World Trade Institute, Switzerland, he is Co-Director of the Centre for African Research and Business at Carleton University.

He earned his PhD in Economics from Lancaster University, and a Master’s degree, also in Economics, from the University of Victoria, British Columbia. He holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. A frequent speaker on trending public policy and business issues at major conferences, with active engagement on the international speaking circuit, he remains committed to bridging the gap between academic research and practice. Dr. Olayele sits on a number of Boards in Canada, and overseas.

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