Sandy Sponaugle

Platinum PR
Frederick, MD

Sandy Sponaugle is a marketing expert, speaker, trainer and coach for Economic Development Organizations looking to empower their staff with high-impact tactics in social media, Internet marketing, and traditional media. She’s passionate about staying up to date with the latest trends in marketing and social media -- and shows businesses and organizations how to take the most effective steps to get better results amidst an ever-evolving communications landscape.

Sandy is an advocate for effective communications across generations -- from Gen Z to Baby Boomers -- to increase results, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Through bridging the generational communication gaps in social media, traditional media, face-to-face and within the workplace, organizations can powerfully adapt to the constant changes happening in the marketplace and stay ahead of the game.

Sandy is the CEO/Founder of Platinum PR, a marketing and public relations firm supporting economic development and tourism organizations. Founded in 2002, Platinum PR employs Sandy’s passion of helping communities grow and diversify their economies and job opportunities for residents. She brings her expertise in communications, social media, marketing, economic development, and tourism to help clients create & implement customized communications plans.

Sandy is a graduate of Shepherd University with a Bachelor of Science in economics and business administration. She previously served as a Research Specialist at the Jefferson County Development Authority in Charles Town, WV and most recently as a Business Development Specialist in the Frederick County Office of Economic Development in Frederick, MD.

Sandy is also a member of the Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and has instructed the “Marketing & Business Attraction” course as part of the Chesapeake Basic Economic Development Course for the past six years.

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