Glen Weisbrod

Economic Development Research Group, Inc.
Boston, MA

Glen Weisbrod is President of Economic Development Research Group. He has over 35 years of experience in the field of economic development strategy planning and analysis. He has focused specifically on assessing economic competitiveness, future development opportunities and the local and regional impacts of investments to enable greater future economic growth. He has developed a series of tools for assessing local economic opportunities for the Appalachian Regional Commission, and future scenario impact tools that are used for infrastructure planning from California to North Carolina. He has also assessed economic futures for local areas in Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio and New York. He was formerly on the Board of Directors of the Council for Urban Economic Development, predecessor of IEDC. He chaired the Framingham (MA) Economic Development and Industrial Corp., and served as chair of the National Academies’ Committee on Transportation and Economic Development. He holds a BA in Economics from Brandeis University and MCP in City Planning from MIT.

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