Ben Wright

Atlas Integrated
Denver, CO

As CEO of Atlas Integrated (The joined Atlas Advertising and Community Systems), Ben Wright is obsessed with helping economic developers grow the vitality in their communities. In the seventeen years since he started Atlas, the company has grown to serve over 500 different economic development clients, in 46+ US states and 6 countries, from its Denver, Colorado, USA headquarters.

Atlas helps clients develop and execute innovative marketing strategies. Ben is a frequent speaker with the International Economic Development Council, Georgia Tech Innovation Institute, and various state and regional economic development conferences. He has also been a distinguished mentor through a variety of entrepreneurial organizations, including 10.10.10, GoCode Colorado, Leadership Denver, and more.

Ben started his career in economic development as the Chief Economist for the Metro Denver EDC, in Colorado in the early 1990s. Currently, Ben serves on the boards of the International Economic Development Council, the Downtown Denver Partnership.

Ben is a graduate of Stanford University in California with a degree in economics, with emphasis on urban studies. Ben lives in Boulder, CO, with his wife and three adventurous daughters. He has finished three triathlons, and to do so learned to swim for distance for the first time at age 40.

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