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12:45 PM

Sponsored Learning Lab by Business Facilities: It’s Not a Trade Show or Prospecting Mission: What is Business Facilities LiveXchange?

Trade show booths and prospecting missions are staples of business recruitment efforts for EDOs. However, when all of the costs are factored in, the reality is that the ROI for these efforts isn’t always there. Join us for this informative session as we look at how the Business Facilities LiveXchange event has taken the best aspects of prospecting missions and trade shows to create a unique person-to-person dealmaking opportunity that ensures a return on investment for EDOs.

What you'll learn:

• How LiveXchange identifies and brings prospective new customers directly to EDOs
• How the ROI of Business Facilities LiveXchange compares to trade shows and prospecting missions
• Additional benefits that EDOs will realize by participating in LiveXchange

Time: 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM

Ted Coene, Chief Business Officer, Business Facilities
Ben Nachsin, Senior Account Executive, Business Facilities
Joyce Wasserman, Senior Account Executive, Business Facilities

3:45 PM

Sponsored Session by ROI Research on Investment: Gazelle.ai; a Platform for Harnessing Big Data and Machine Learning for Investment Attraction

In the rapidly evolving world of modern economic development, Gazelle.ai has emerged as a state-of-the-art tool that grew out of asking “What’s next? How can we be more effective and more efficient in identifying expanding companies who will generate investment and drive job creation?”

This session will focus on three key questions pertaining to ROI’s new Gazelle.ai business attraction platform: 1) Why Gazelle.ai? 2) How does it work? and 3) How effective has Gazelle.ai been so far? Our panel of Industry Experts and Client Users will outline the general business attraction context and traditional approaches used to identify expanding firms and attract investment. We’ll share the thought processes leading to the development of ROI’s new Gazelle.ai platform; highlighting its unique contributions to the field of business attraction. More than two years in the making, a project of this magnitude has not been without its challenges. You’ll hear about some of the software & hardware obstacles associated with applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to big data. You’ll gain insight into some of the technical aspects of Gazelle, i.e. how Gazelle incorporates AI and how the predictions of these AI-algorithms compare to more traditional methods. Finally, you will hear from current clients who will share their experience of the platform and highlight some of the insights provided when using this state-of-the-art approach.

Time: 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM

Moderator: Steven Jast, Founder and President of ROI Research on Investment, Montreal, QC, Canada

Nadine Jeserich, PH.D., Vice President of Analytics, ROI Research on Investment, Montreal, QC, Canada
Hugh Kelley, PH.D., Chief Economist, ROI Research on Investment, Montreal, QC, Canada

7:30 AM

Sponsored Learning Lab by Impact DataSource: What Your ED Board Needs to Know About That Cost-Benefit Report

Cost-benefit reports are ubiquitous in economic development but their quality and relevance vary significantly. In many cases a high-quality cost-benefit report will help all sides better understand the good and the bad of what may come with a planned project and bring to light issues requiring further study. However, in too many instances these potentially useful reports are intimidating, opaque, and ultimately abandoned in favor of “gut feel”. This session is intended to help economic developers, their boards, and other stakeholders cut through the jargon, identify the hallmarks of a high-quality cost-benefit report, and utilize the cost-benefit report to its fullest potential.

Topics to be covered include:
• Defining economic impact,
• Demystifying multipliers,
• Balancing new taxes with added government costs, and
• Calculating ROI for ED

Time: 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Paul Scheuren, Principal/Economist, Impact DataSource

10:30 AM

Sponsored Session by DCI: Corporate America Speaks: Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing

Conducted by Development Counsellors International (DCI) every three years, the highly regarded “Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing” survey has tracked trends in economic development since its inception in 1996. Key findings from the 2017 edition will be revealed for the first time in this session.

Designed to uncover the most effective strategies and techniques in economic development marketing from the “customer’s perspective,” the 8th iteration of the survey also provides a glimpse into the minds of corporate executives and site selection consultants at their perceptions of locations across the United States and the world.

What you'll learn:

• Best practices in economic development marketing, including most important website features
• Corporate executive positions/titles most likely to lead the site selection process
• Top states and countries for business, along with best economic development groups

Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Dariel Curren, Senior Vice President, Development Counsellors International, New York, NY
Robyn Domber, Director of Research, Development Counsellors International

12:30 PM

Sponsored Learning Lab by Esri: From Problem to Prosperity: Using Data to Reverse the Scourge of Urban Blight

The impact of blight on our communities is severe and far-reaching, affecting tax revenue, property values, and fostering serious social ills. Using available data and sharing it among stakeholders has proven an effective strategy for mitigating the devastation of blight. Hear how economic developers can join in the collective fight and boost community attractiveness for residents, businesses, and prospective investors.

Learn how to:

• reclaim lost revenue by returning distressed neighborhoods to productivity
• predict areas of potential blight before problems can begin

Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Keith Cooke, Local Government Account Executive, Esri, Redlands, CA

1:45 PM

Sponsored Session by GIS WebTech: How Emerging Data Sources Are Changing Business Attraction and Retention

The use of emerging, innovative data by businesses in making location decisions is exploding. Providing a map with site listings and some basic demographic and workforce data is no longer enough. Forward thinking EDOs are now speaking the language of the sectors they are targeting by providing the cutting edge data those sectors want to see. Targeting retail for a downtown area? Provide map layers showing foot traffic and parked car counts to demonstrate market potential. Building an innovation hub? Utilize map layers demonstrating critical mass of relevant professional skills, venture capital, and other components of the startup ecosystem.

What you'll learn:

• What types of new, emerging data are available
• Why this new data matters to businesses
• How you can use this data to be more effective in attracting and retaining businesses

Time: 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Ron Bertasi, Chief Executive Officer, GIS WebTech
Jason Elliott, Chief Technical Officer, GIS WebTech

4:00 PM

Sponsored Session by Coastal Cloud: How Salesforce.com Can Boost Economic Development

Learn how leveraging the latest in cloud computing technology can help your economic development team improve efficiencies, automate marketing, increase forecasting, and provide a holistic view of your business pipeline including trend analysis and insights into target industries.

Hear from a leading public sector implementation partner of Salesforce and see how you can replace out dated legacy systems, spreadsheets and individualized programs to increase productivity and reporting, ease user ability and reduce costs and complications.

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Sara Hale, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Coastal Cloud, Palm Coast, Florida
• Milissa Holland, Senior Consultant, Coastal Cloud, Palm Coast, Florida

7:30 AM

Sponsored Learning Lab by IMPLAN: Using Data to Tell Your Story - The Importance of Metrics.

During this Learning Lab, we’ll be highlighting the importance of metrics by showing a case study that was recently done by an Economic Development Corporation. We’ll show how taking a data driven approach to your work can be helpful when making crucial decisions for your region.

Charlie Higgins, Account Executive, IMPLAN, Huntersville, NC
Dana Shifley, International Account Executive, IMPLAN, Huntersville, NC

10:30 AM

Sponsored Session by OCO Global: Going Global: The Inside Track from Leading International Practitioners

When it comes to international programs, a one size fits all approach does not work. Many trends shape our industry but the geographic “gravity model” remains a solid influence in terms of ease of attracting investment and doing business between countries and regions. This session combines a presentation of the key FDI opportunities driven by changes in tech, industry, marketing and of course politics along with insights from a panel of distinguished economic development professionals from across the globe. Join us to hear perspectives from Canada, France, US, UK, Brazil and India.

This session will:

• Highlight where the “real” international business opportunities are today
• Provide an insight as to perceived opportunities and barriers of international businesses looking to North America for growth
• Help you understand how you can exploit the current marked increase in investment flowing into North America

Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Sergio Barraza, Director of OCO Global Latin America, OCO Global, Bogota, Colombia
Christelle Maffre, Manager FDI and Trade, OCO Global, Paris, France
Eric Miller, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, Norfolk, VA
Mark O’Connell, CEO, OCO Global, Belfast, United Kingdom
Nitin Pangam, Managing Director, Maeflower Consulting, Pune, India
Blair Patacairk, Managing Director, Invest Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

2:15 PM

Sponsored Session by USDM Digital™: Beat Your Competition with Superior Lead Generation! Learn How to Build a Game Changing Digital Strategy.

Effective lead generation equals more opportunities for your community. In this valuable workshop, you will learn how to strategically align technology and your team to create a data-driven lead generation machine. Social media, your website, online advertising, mobile, and search engines are all good tools- if you optimize them. Learn how to integrate them seamlessly to supercharge your economic development efforts.

Program Includes:
• A Sneak Peek at the First Ever Competitive Report on Industry Lead Generation
• New Integrated Digital Marketing at the Leadership Level (Strategic Level)
• Actionable Insights from Industry Leaders

Time: 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM

Leah Woolford, Founder/ CEO, USDM Digital™, orange142, 2020 strategy group, Austin, TX
Tracye McDaniel, Founder/ CEO, McDaniel Strategy Ecosystems, LLC

9:15 AM

Sponsored Session by WAVTEQ/ICA: "How to Engage with Site Selection Consultants to Secure Investment Referrals and Negotiate on Incentives”

The facts:
• 53% of major companies worldwide use a location advisor when setting-up overseas
• 50% of US companies are planning to outsource site selection
• 28% of project leads for major EDOs in the US are from advisors
• $30,000 per job is the average incentive given in the US and Canada in 2017 YTD

Why attend this session?
• Find out from a US site selector the best techniques to engage with advisors and secure project referrals
• See a 10 minute live demo of the only global database of location advisors and influencers (FDI Professionals)
• Find out which States and Communities have incentives policies that maximize ROI for the tax payer
• See a 10 minute live demo of the only US and global database of incentives being awarded (IncentivesMonitor)
• Discuss with our site selection and inward investment experts how to attract more investment and negotiate better on incentives

Time: 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Mary Hebert, Senior Vice President, WAVTEQ
Chris Steele, COO & President North America, Investment Consulting Associates, Newton Lower Falls, MA