Vickery Bowles

City Librarian
Toronto Public Library
Toronto, ON

Vickery Bowles is the City Librarian at Toronto Public Library (TPL), a 100 branch library system serving 2.8 million people. She believes passionately in the difference public libraries make in the lives of individuals, in communities and cities. Vickery has worked in a number of leadership positions, spearheading service development that support capacity building, civic engagement, economic development and social cohesion. She is currently working to advance TPL’s new strategic plan and its digital strategies that support new service models, digital literacy, the customer experience, e-learning, and innovation.

Vickery is a board member of the Urban Libraries Council (ULC), the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC), the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL) and the Toronto Region Board of Trade Smart Cities Working Group.