Adam Breeze

Managing Director
Breeze Inward Investment
Manchester, England

Based in Manchester, England, Adam Breeze is an FDI specialist with particular expertise and networks in UK and European markets.

He has worked with hundreds of economic development agencies and inward investment teams from every corner of the world and has advised more than 100 corporations such as BMW, Capital One, Marks & Spencer, Airbus and Pfizer. He works closely with potential investors and their advisors, playing an important role at the long-listing and short-listing stages of the site selection process.

Adam has worked with the senior management teams at many top economic development agencies and has advised locations such as:
• Ontario, Canada
• Piedmont Triad, North Carolina, USA
• Low Country, South Carolina, USA
• Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
• Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada
• Bavaria, Germany
• Berlin, Germany
• Stockholm, Sweden
• Western France

Adam has created FDI strategies and developed investor targeting for many UK locations such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol and Aberdeen. He has worked and lived in the UK, France and Spain, as well as the United States, and works with associates in key global business centres.

Adam brings valuable direct experience of working with European corporates. He understands what they want and how to communicate with them. A regular speaker at inward investment conferences and business networking events, Adam has a special interest in the trade and investment impact of Brexit and what it means for North American locations.

He is able to advise on how to target UK and European companies; what works and what doesn’t; understanding nuances between different European markets; what happens after Brexit; what sectors and industries to target; how to run missions; and how to position your location in the minds of European investors.