Lionel Gadoury, RGD

Director of Strategy and Creative
Toronto, ON

Lionel has always been a creative entrepreneur, founding Insync Creative and co-founding Fireworks Creative and Context Creative. Today, clients of Context Creative recognize Lionel’s passion for the impact that design thinking can make in developing, differentiating and positioning brands in a world that is rapidly commodifying. Beyond creating innovative business models and profitable partner relationships, Lionel’s goal is to put graphic design and communications to work, helping clients act on new opportunities, creating memorable campaigns that achieve goals, while putting sustainable processes in place that typically increase competitive capabilities. Under Lionel’s creative leadership, Context Creative has won over 60 design, communications and marketing effectiveness awards from the Canadian Marketing Awards, ADCC Directions, Summit International Awards, E-Source Awards, RGD Design at Work, CPRS ACE Awards and the GDC Graphex awards. Lionel is a Registered Graphic Designer and is the Past-President of the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD).