Angela Groeneveld

Economic and Business Development Specialist
Angela Groeneveld Consulting
Blackie, AB, Canada

Angela Groeneveld has the unique experience of being involved at the forefront of business and economic recovery for two of the nation’s largest natural disasters. After the devastating floods of 2013 Angela served as the Town of High River’s Business Renewal Officer, leading two of the three phases of economic recovery, assessing and assisting local businesses in rebuilding. This included the construction of temporary structures to house businesses that lost their storefront allowing them to continue operating while transitioning back into their original locations after repair or rebuilding. Angela later used the knowledge and experiences from High River during the Fort McMurray fires of 2016 to help create and implement the RMWB Recovery Hotline and the Business and Economic Disaster Recovery Plan. Angela is passionate about helping businesses succeed and contract her services to many rural communities providing coaching, training and grass roots knowledge to develop foundations for strong business ecosystems, disaster preparedness and recovery.