John Kiru

Executive Director
Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas
Toronto, ON

John Kiru received his Urban & Regional Planning degree from the University Ryerson School of Planning in 1982 and has continued studies in urban renewal, economic development and real estate. His conflict resolution skills and studies in arbitration have resulted in appointments to the former City of North York Court of Revision under the Local Improvement Act and a seven and a half year appointment as a sitting member of the City of Toronto, West District Committee of Adjustments. Prior to joining TABIA as its Executive Director in 2000, John was an Executive Assistant to a City of Toronto Councillor and spent 15 years as a Director of a BIA.. In addition to being asked to assist in drafting changes to the BIA section(s) of the Municipal Act by the Province, John is also involved in writing and review of pertinent BIA sections of the Toronto Act, Over the years, John has delivered the BIA message of self help and the ultimate Private Public Partnership to many business communities across the country and the U.S. as well as at numerous conferences in Canada, the US, Germany, France and Scotland. In addition to his work with BIAs in the city of Neighbourhoods, John is also the President of The Canadian National Exhibition, Canada’s largest fair.