Joseph Kornelsen

Promotion and Development Coordinator
West End Business Improvement Zone
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Joe graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a degree in economics and a passion for cities. In 2012, he walked into the West End BIZ eager to contribute his skills and with no position available, immediately offered himself as a volunteer. It wasn’t long before he joined the regular staff. As the Promotion and Development Coordinator for the West End Business Improvement Zone, he applies his knowledge and enthusiasm into improving and promoting the Winnipeg’s oldest inner-city community, the West End A huge supporter of local business, Joe develops, implements and oversees programs and projects to promote the West End, as well as various economic development initiatives in the zone. Joe worked side by side with the BIZ executive director on all aspects of the Open for Business project and was directly responsible for the extensive and significant research required. Joe is also a founding member of Winnipeg’s Functional Transit organization, a grassroots group dedicated to promoting and improving public transportation. Joe has written many articles and frequently speaks on urban issues. Joe and his wife are also proud West End residents and heavily involved in local community organizations, always proudly advocating for and supporting our city.