Fred Olayele, PhD, PMP

President/Chief Economist
Global Economic Institute for Africa
Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Fred Olayele’s diverse career spans banking, government, management consulting and academia. An Adjunct Professor with the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, he teaches International Business, Managerial Economics and Corporate Strategy in the MBA program. A senior expert on a number of Canadian federal/provincial/territorial working groups, he has used the gravity model, input-output model, computable general equilibrium model and other proprietary economic impact modeling software to analyze a wide range of policy initiatives.

Currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the World Trade Institute, Switzerland, his academic research interests span trade policy, climate and energy policy, economic development, natural resources, strategic management, multinationals, political economy, foreign direct investment and emerging markets. He is Associate Director, Centre for African Research and Business at Carleton University. An avid international trade and development enthusiast, much of his work examines the complex intersection of economics, business strategy and public policy. He has taught several applied and theoretical economics classes at the University of Regina. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he has led various initiaves for the Canadian provincial Governments of British Columbia and Saskatchewan in the Energy, Economic Development, Strategy, Competitiveness and Economic Analysis areas. Prior to that, he was a professional banker with the Global Trade Division of Citibank.

Dr. Olayele has presented on trending economic policy and business issues at major conferences, with active engagement on the international speaking circuit. A First Class graduate of Economics, he holds a PhD in Economics from Lancaster University, and a Master’s degree from the University of Victoria, Canada. He is President/Chief Economist with Ottawa-based Global Economic Institute for Africa, a non-profit research and development organization fostering collaborative applied economic research.