Tim Poupore, ACIDO

Ove Industrial Design Ltd.
Toronto, ON

Tim Poupore is the President of Ove Industrial Design Ltd., a Toronto-based industrial design consultancy. For more than three decades Tim has operated at the forefront of user-centred design, and has been instrumental in the commercialization of hundreds of products. Current clients range from entrepreneurs and startups to multinationals occupying international positions in the fields of biotechnology, business systems, scientific instrumentation and consumer products. Tim is very active in the design community and speaks often on the value of design as a strategic business tool. An ardent supporter of design-centred policy initiatives at all levels of government, he is a Past-President of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO), and is currently ACIDO’s Director of Standards. Tim is also a Past Chair of the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC), a not-for-profit, cross-disciplinary design think tank and research organization, and the Co-coordinator of the DIAC’s Design Advisory Service, a NRC-IRAP-funded initiative that brings the value of design as a strategic business tool to Small to Medium-sized Enterprises in Ontario.