Leah Woolford

CEO and Founder
USDM Digital™, orange142, 2020 strategy group
Austin, TX

Leah Woolford is one of the earliest marketers to experience firsthand the metamorphosis of the digital landscape. She continues to be a futurist peering at the next wave of digital innovations and mapping a path ahead of the curve. Woolford works with Public and Private Sector Development and Travel clients, as well as global brands, to guide strategy, develop emerging business models and advise on Smart Data marketing. Leah is an international author and speaker and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, ADWEEK, and others. Leah is a valued resource for private equity groups, public sector and worldwide brands. She can be contacted at leah@usdmholdings.com.

USDM Digital™ is a digital consultancy and marketing services company developing highly effective strategies for public and private economic development and travel. The company creates IMPACT through business insights, branding, digital strategy, customer engagement and digital advertising to generate sales. The firm’s methodology utilizes a Smart Data strategy to identify, reach, engage and motivate consumers in highly competitive marketplaces. USDM Digital™ is a trademark of USDM LLC (Universal Standards for Digital Marketing, LLC), is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and works with clients worldwide.