Jonathan Bullock

VP Corporate Development & Government
Hotwire Communications LLC
Fort Lauderdale, FL

As the Vice President of Corporate Development & Government, Jonathan Bullock spearheads initiatives that drive Hotwire Communications into new and exciting fields that were previously unexplored. By working closely with developers and government officials, Jonathan connects into the unique possibilities of service provision in the telecommunications industry, able to provide a robust product to customers who may not realize just what fiber optics can do for them.

His latest project involves the successful negotiation and acquisition of an entire municipally owned fiber optics broadband network in the City of Salisbury North Carolina. Jonathan worked hand-in-hand with City Council members and local constituents to explain the benefits of network optimization. By allowing Hotwire Communications to assume control of network operations and capital upgrades, the move would ultimately be a net gain for the City, guaranteeing a minimum of $1 million in profit a year on a system that at the time was losing over half a million dollars per year. Salisbury’s leadership unanimously agreed, and in May of 2018, the general public overwhelmingly approved the measure.

Additionally, Jonathan successfully relocated the company’s corporate headquarters from Philadelphia to the burgeoning uptown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to establish the Hotwire Technology Center, a move that garnered national press and led to the re-envisioning of the area as a technology corridor. Jonathan has taken Hotwire Communication’s model for municipal fiber deployment to other municipalities and is looking forward to fostering economic development by creating new 10 Gigabit cities in underserved areas.